The Dirtyhands, one of the most renowed band from the Bologna (Italy) blues scene, have just recorded a new album: Bull’s Eye. It’s a selection of arranged covers and self penned songs. A root Blues explosion shamelessy lo-fi and garage, a synthesis of their own style gained in many years of studio and live performances from the beginning in the 80’s Bologna Punk Rock Scene through tours in the Texas and Louisiana blues scene. Andrea “Dirtyhand” Carrieri on guitars and vocals, Cesare “Big Mojo” Ferioli on drums and Cosimo “Cox” Dell’Orto on bass and baritone guitar offer a Garage Blues repertoire with some Link Wray’s incursions.

the band:
Andy “Dirtyhand” Carrieri guitar & vocals
Cesare “Big Mojo” Ferioli drums & percussion

The DirtyHands born in 1990, when Andrea and Cesare ended their common collaboration with R’n’R band Jack Daniel’s Lovers and decided to follow the more challenging but fulfilling and exciting road of the Blues music.

As J.D.Lovers they had recorded an album produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) with special guests such as Lee Allen (Fats Domino and Little Richard sax player), David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Candie Kane and Dave Alvin (The Blasters).

J.D.Lovers played in several Italian TV shows and toured all around Italy. In 1987 they were invited for a Russia, Bielorussia and Lithuania tour,where they played in Leningrad, Minsk and II Vilnius Punk Rock festival.

In the 1990, Cesare and Andrea with Max Pitardi on bass, started touring in Italy as The Dirty Hands, and then in 1992 a three months tour in USA with Andy J. Forest, a California harmonica player. They performed in New Orleans, Austin, Tucson, Pasadena and Los Angeles. In 1993 was the time of an European tour.

Back from the USA they backed up the well-known New Orleans harmonica player J.Monque D. in his first and second Italian tour. (1992-1993).

After these experiences they engaged Egidio Ingala as harmonica player and recorded their first work Dirty Hands. With the same line-up they recorded 2 more albums: XXX Hot Chili!! (distributed in Europe by Cross Cut records) and Four Cool Cats. The two albums had a very good public and critical success.


In 1997 they toured with Lynwood Slim and recorded a CD produced by Jerry Hall (James Harman band, Kid Ramos, Gary Primich) but never released as Dirty hands.

Andrea and Cesare performed together as Dirty Hands in more than 900 shows in USA and Europe until the 1997.

In February 2014 they decided to reassemble the Band with Cosimo dell’Orto (Dirty hands Bass player from the 1996) as The Dirtyhands, performing again in many clubs as trio and sometimes as quartet with Mariano “Lenny” Marini (Snake Doctors) on guitar.

Album: The Dirtyhands Bull's Eye

In the 2017 Andrea and Cesare performed some gigs as power Duo, with a new simplified sound, creating a power garage, Texas and Mississippi blues style. This Sound style, with Cosimo
on Bass and baritone Guitar, became the new sound of the band.

In July 2018 they they went back to the recording studio for a new Dirtyhands release:
The Dirtyhands Bull’s Eye for the Bloos Records.