"One of the most solid and explosive sounds, born from the blues and grown over the years with love,
anger, passion and everything you need to get to the heart of the listener. Someone said it would be
a crime not to share something so powerful and the Boogie Bombers are here for that. To tell about
our time and the stories of which it is made, to let you dance on it or to free yourself from your daily
blues bombing them with the right rhythm.”

The Boogie Bombers is a band from Torino, Italy, made of four young hard-working men who have clear in mind their musical vision. Their story begins back in 2004 when they started playing in jam sessions and small clubs, learning all they could from the local  masters. After many gigs and festivals all over Italy, radio and some TV appearances, they released the first official work in 2016: the “Docks Dora Session”
This is a nine original songs live album that transmits great energy and shows the direction of their sound, which became more defined with the particular rendition of the recordings of two all-time classics: “Boombastic” and “Po' Black Mattie”.

In 2019 the band continued touring and won the access to the 2020 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, representing their country in the world's greatest contest of the genre. In the U.S.A. the Bombers had the chance to organize a tour that brought them around between Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.

“Boogie Bonanza” is their latest original album and it’s the photography of this great experience. Here the listeners can feel all the excitement of such a great travel and enjoy the solid sound!


Boris Tabasco (voice/harp)

Joe Tabasco (guitar)

Simone Tabasco (drums)

Marco Tabasco (bass).



1. Look!

2. Back to New Orleans

3. Up and Down

4. What a Night

5. Heavy Load

6. Boogie Bomb

7. Easy 8. D.Q.T.H.L. (Nashville edition)

(2020) - ALBUM
Recorded at BrutusVox Studio in Torino and produced by Blue Mama Records and Volcano Records, “Boogie  Bonanza” is the honest report of a big journey. All that happened from the start in Torino, Italy passing through five states of the deep South of USA is the soul of this album. The songs written on the backseats of vans,  buses and intercontinental jumbos will take you from Torino’s garages to the mysterious Louisiana’s bayous.
The singles released were Easy, Back to New Orleans and
Boogie Bomb.


“Boogie Bonanza represents the faithful account of a journey through life and music, both sides of the Atlantic and the experience of souls that were made free by the encounter with the blues.” Rock and Blues International (Oct 2020)

“ With their new album "Boogie Bonanza" they really have created one of my favorite albums that has recently been released in Italy."  Blues Highway.it (Feb 2021)

(2016) - ALBUM
Recorded at Rainbow Studio based in the historical
Docks Dora in Torino, the album represents the first
approach to the recording studio by the band. The  Boogie Bombers aimed straight to the point in this album without messing around: make a recorded live session and recreate the hot juke joints atmospheres.
What do they need to achieve it? A wild audience, the constant clink of whisky glasses and beer bottles and a smoky room. A spontaneous album comes out of it: the licks follow one another just like they usually do in concert lineups, between screams and wild dances, among unbridled slide guitars or slow and hypnotic songs. They released two singles from the album:  “Radioactive Mama” and “Same Damned Shame”, The Docks Dora Session is promoted by the critics and taken on a series of gigs throughout northern Italy.


“The blues is their mission and they show that they have broad shoulders and the right attitude to
deal with it.” (Rock.it).
“At the debut album, they are already really well navigated and tested, they brilliantly pass the test
and if their mission is the blues, we can dare that they are on the right path.” (RockGarage.it)

Fanno uscire in sequenza due singoli tratti dall’album:
“Radioactive Mama” e “Same Damned Shame”, The Docks Dora Session viene promosso dalla critica e  successivamente portato in tour per tutto il nord  Italia tramite una serie di concerti. 


1. Radioactive Mama

2. Ask Yourself

3. Up All Night

4. Harmonic Drive

5. Same Damned Shame

6. Jack Knife

7. Blues On!

8. D.Q.T.H.L. 9. Boris’ Boogie


(2019) – SINGOLO
Boombastic, recorded at the Midi Music in Turin, came  out as a single in February 2019 and represents a turning point for the band. Their efforts are now focused to bring new life to their blues, remaking 90’s hits or composing new ones with a essential and solid sounds.

(2019) – SINGOLO
In Poor Black Mattie the band wants to honor one of  their favorite blues legends: R.L. Burnside with their version of “Poor Black Mattie” .