If you ever had to chance to see a live concert of Nick Becattini you already know what to expect from his album and believe me, it’s nothign less that expected. The album Life Time Blues is that type of disk that you can have playing all day long, moments of powerful blues that make you want to stomp you feet and moments of soft blues that takes you on a relaxing trip with the delicate touch of Nick Becattini’s guitar.

You can hear in Life Time Blues, Nick Becattini on the guitar and voice, Keki Andrei on the hammond, Piano, Wurlitzer, rhodes and clavinet. Anacleto Orlandi on the bass and last but certainly not least Enrico Cecconi on the drums. Special guests in this album the great harmonica of Mimmo Mollica and Dona Pellegrini and Elisa Ghilardi as backing vocals.


Nick Becattini is certainly one of Italy’s most talented blues musicians with this guitar and voice has caught managed to put it all together in this great album for us all to enjoy.

Many of the tracks are written and composed by Nick Becattini and he has done an asbolute great job in the text giving each such a great meaning.

So the conclusion is that Nick Becattini is a great musician and I peronsally love this album. Go and check it out it is worth it. If you love blues, you’ll for sure agree.