The 3rd single of Jed Potts & The Hillman Hunters had just been released! It's titled "It Won't Take Long" and I have just enjoyed listening to it various times. It is one of those singles that automatically makes you move to rhythm. 

This single has for been a great surprise for today and I am now looking forwarder to finding out much more about Jed Potts and his band.

Check out this great new single by these three guys from the UK, an outstanding example of brit blues! As per most blues bands the making of great new songs start from jamming! And this is the result! Absolutely fantastic!

Recorded and mixed by Graeme Young at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh, mastered by Reuben Taylor; with artwork by Craig Macfadyen aka Lentil.

This is another tune that has existed in its basic essence for a long time but took a
great deal of faffing to get to feel like a complete song, as opposed to just a jam.
This kind of groove has always been a great place for us to go live as it seems to
lend itself to our particular style of interplay and musical rascality, which I think we’ve
managed to capture on the recording. This is the kind of thing that you can’t plan. It’s
totally different every night and was indeed totally different on every take. Full credit
has to go to Jonny and Charlie for their work on this one. This kind of song lives or
dies on personality, spontaneity and risk, and they really delivered.“ - Jed Potts

The song will be available to stream on all major platforms, and also available for
download from Bandcamp.

Jed Potts & the Hillman Hunters are:
Jed Potts - Guitar and vocals
Charlie Wild - Bass
Jonny Christie - Drums  

A great blues band and a great new single! Check it out!

Robert James Ucciero