Dust Radio - Debut E.P. “Shotgun Shack”

Dust Radio

Debut E.P. “Shotgun Shack

Released on Lunaria Records - May 28th, 2021


Shotgun Shack the debut E.P. from these two fellars Paddy Wells and Tom Jackson, together they are Dust Radio, what an explosion and great blues. This five-track E.P. is the melting pot of the bands musical influences and gives us a taster of their forthcoming debut album.


Blues Highway follows very closely Lunaria records and honestly speaking, as soon as the launched the first teaser videoclip of Dust Radio, the first impact was “what a sound, I’m going to love this band” and as usual first impressions don’t lie.


They started this project “Dust Radio” simply to get out there and do some gigging, but due to this crazy year they like everyone were obliged to take another direction and may we say, we are very glad that this happen and we are are all now able to enjoy their great music.

I can honestly say that there isn’t one track of the 5 that I don’t like, with the wonderfully played harmonica by Paddy Wells and the outstanding guitar playing of Tom Jackson and I would say the E.P. is perfectly balanced out from the first single “Dead Man’s Crawl” that was released on the 7th May, and it couldn’t be a better start, with a guttural guitar with by Tom Jackson and the power resonant harmonic by Paddy Wells and once the singing starts, well it certainly the cherrie on cake.

If this track doesn’t catch your attention, maybe you should try a different style of music, because it is superb!


The title track “Shotgun Shack” is a deep and hypnotic Hill Country tune.

With a Four-to-the-Floor beat, and the fuzzy low-end single picking of

Jackson’s guitar, this has glimpses of The White Stripes, but then takes you on a journey of the Southern States - dust balls and Western saloon bars; whisky and horse rustling. The blend of the harmonica and guitar tricks your ear at times - as if they’ve found a fiddle player lurking in the studio. What this track brilliantly exemplifies is how much they appreciate the nuances of this style of music.

Fault-Line” brings a tantalising flavour of Americana. Wells’ soulful vocals take the narrative lead on this one, his harmonica adding a colourful and melodic lift reminiscent of the harmonica master Mark Feltham, while the jangly sound of Jackson’s Guitar provides a more supportive role.


Everyone likes a good chorus, and “Backslider” certainly delivers on that front. This hand-clapping, rock ’n’ roll tale of temptation would lure even the most reputable to lapse into bad habits.

 The E.P. closes with the eerily, stripped back “Siren Song”, giving you the

bare-bones of this duo. Voices echo through the great divide, the creek overflows, and only Wells and the devil know the reason why.

Wells comments “Writing-wise, it's a combined effort - the way it has worked for the E.P. is Tom brings the guitar ideas/riffs, and I add the melody and lyrics.”

Overall this is a really good E.P. and another point to Lunaria Records that are always the to bring us new great bands.

SHOTGUN SHACK by DUST RADIO check them out, you won't regret it!