The blues in Italy is in continuous growth, no one would have ever thought that there were so many great blues musicians throughout the country.

I started Blues Highway but looking for all the different blues bands, to give them the possibility to be noticed within Italy. There are so many bands from Sicily all the way upt to the Alps that are extremely talented.

After creating various ideas on how to put them understand the spotlight, mainly through the Blues Highway Facebook community and Facebook page. I start off with making a daily appointment called BOTD (Band Of The Day), where every day a band was selected and throughout the day we would get to know them, posting their biographies and videos. I must admit doing this I was able to get to know so many fantastic bands.

Over 100 bands were presented on BOTD, and still today a lot of them we follow very closely.


(and many more)

At a certain point as Blues Highway was growing, I was asked to take Blues Highway to the stage with the Compania Blues Festival. This is one of the biggest blues events in Italy based at Salerno (south of Italy), on this occasion Blues Highway selected 8 different bands from around Italy, bands that we believe are upcoming bands.

Now the aim is to help the blues in Italy be recognized even abroad. When people from abroad think about Italy, the may think, food, sun, wine but for sure they do not think Blues! Our plan is to change this and take Italy and it's blues bands abroad.

We have recently (feb 2021) stated promoting various Italian blues bands to radio stations abroad. Thankfully we are very proud to announce that already today have 4 of our bands being broadcasted on the UK radio stations and we are aiming to grow more each day toward other countries.

The feedback of our bands has been amazing and we are extremely excited for our bands and for this new adventure.

We are looking for all broadcasters and radio stations, if you would like to recieve info from Blues Highway about about bands and the new releases, please contact us at (or directly on the contact page).

Blues has  a new goal, We'll taking the blues in Italy ABROAD!