blues highway & campania blues festival august 2020.

First ever live event of Blues Highway, took place in Augsut 2020 along with the Campania Blues Festival at Salerno, Italy.
It was the absolute first ever event for Blues Highway, and in this adition of Campania Blues Festival, Blues Highway brought along a new project to the stage, giving space to the upcoming band throughout it.
A two day event and the bands that took part came from all around Italy. On the first day there were the Mustang Blues Band, Black Cadillac Blues, DLD Trio and the youngest of them all Low Town.
On the second day we had Katy Lady Blues, Tacconda Blues Band and Rainbow Brigde. On each day the Robert James Blues Band (founder of Blues Highway) played as home band opening a Blues Highway jam where he and his band played with who took part in this new event.
All of these bands, played on the amazing stage opening the Campania Blues Festival.
This is only the very start of the live events with Blues Highway. We are already planning the next.